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What Our Clients Say...

He's producing better work and there is more variety in his work. He's trying new things more. He read 2 short stories to the rest of the class. He's proud of being able to read. Every day seems to be easier because he's communicating better. He can verbalize what he needs. It excites me that he wants to come here.

-Mother of 5 year old boy (Montessori teacher)

Improvements after Neurofeedback: more relaxed, falls asleep easily, less sensitive to loud noise, more flexible, happy, positive outlook on life. [I am] very happy with results. We saw positive changes very quickly. I would highly recommend this form of treatment for anyone suffering from anxiety/depression.

- Mother of 12 year old boy

[My son] is less impulsive. He was tearing the door knobs off the door. Now he unlocks and opens the door. He responded to everything outside of himself. If someone moved, he would have some reaction to it. Now he can sit quietly and not jump up when someone comes in.

He's more awake. He used to do appropriate things once in a while. Now it's on a daily basis. He was unresponsive to TV programs. He would not laugh or anything. Now he laughs and actually turns around to me and says, "Did you see that? That was funny."

His speech is more expressive.

-Mother of 11 year old boy

My daughter [a client's younger sibling] refuses to go to daycare if she finds out we are going to see Ann and Marty. They have a very comfortable office and are wonderful women.

- Mother of 11 year old boy

His doctor said she was impressed that he was repeating words. He has hardly any anxiety now. He hasn't had problems with impulsive behavior in school for 3 weeks. Before [Neurofeedback] it happened once or twice a week.

-Mother of 14 year old diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder