At the Discovery Clinic, Inc., we focus on an integrative model that provides
the opportunity for individuals to participate in various forms of therapies.
This includes:

As a result, we’ve found retainable and consistent improvements that aim
to mold around individual interests and areas of difficulties. Although it is
recommended for clients to participate in multiple therapies, clients are free
to opt in and/or out of each.

What is the initial process like?

We begin our programs with an assessment which includes an intake,
questionnaires, and checklists accompanied with a personal interview.
Depending on the needs and age, a Quantitative Electroencephalogram
(QEEG) Brainwave mapping evaluation will be added to better guide
intervention. Additional testing for speech and language, learning
difficulties, auditory processing and other concerns will be performed if

Neurofeedback training sessions usually last from a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes and are recommended at least 2 times weekly.  We frequently see improvement starting within 10 sessions. Generally 30-60 sessions are needed to create lasting change.  Some conditions require more sessions. We schedule a progress evaluation after 20 sessions