What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback, sometimes called neurotherapy or EGG biofeedback, is a procedure that allows a person to train his or her brainwaves to improve cognitive and behavioral functioning.  It has been used effectively with a variety of problems stemming from difficulties regulating the nervous system. Our brains produce electrical impulses at a variety of frequencies.  These electrical frequencies can be out of balance or very unstable for various reasons, including stress, illness, genetic predisposition, and brain trauma.

If the brain has become unbalanced or unregulated, it may struggle to accomplish even a simple task; sometimes finding less effort is required if it takes a “shortcut.”  However, with this “shortcut” comes an alteration of brain functioning that is less adaptive in the long run. Neurofeedback gives the brain the necessary information it needs to re-learn and improve functioning.

During neurofeedback the brain’s electrical impulses are measured and a computer is programmed to give feedback when the brainwave patterns are improving.  Our clients play a video games with their brains. As desirable brainwave activity increases, the video game moves faster. If undesirable brainwave activity interferes, the game is inhibited and action stops.  As the brain begins to respond to the cues it is given, the learning of new brainwave patterns takes place.